Amanda Pendolino
January 03, 2013

5 Ridiculous Wedding Trends to Avoid in 2013

Getting married this year? Don’t forget to tell your almost-friends they’re not invited! That’s just one of the many bizarre wedding trends popping up in 2013. As you’re planning your big day, you may want to avoid these:

1. Telling people they’re not invited

I was shocked to read this letter in Slate‘s Dear Prudence from a woman who was explicitly told by two different friends she wouldn’t be receiving an invitation to their weddings. Even worse, some bloggers have suggested that brides invite non-guests to help them pick out the cake, shoes, etc. Um, hello! Why would any of us want to do that as a consolation prize?

Prudence points out that in the world of social media, it can be awkward to post tons of pictures of a wedding that most of your Facebook friends weren’t invited to. Take a moment to review your privacy settings — and please, please be tactful enough to let friends who don’t receive invitations draw the natural conclusion.

2. Fear of the number thirteen

Apparently, brides are eschewing weddings for the entire year of 2013 because 13 is an “unlucky” number. Do people seriously still believe in this superstition, which has no basis in fact or scientific evidence? If you’re a budget-conscious bride, take advantage of this phenomenon: some venues are offering discounts because it’s 2013. If you decide to get married on Friday September 13 or Friday December 13, you can save even more!

3. Fake-out wedding proposals

This one’s mostly for the guys…but ladies, you may need to warn your boyfriends. Sometimes elaborate public proposals can be fun (we loved when Iowa State basketball player Anna Prins got proposed to at her own game!), but a scary new trend is “fake-out” proposals, where guys use terrifying pranks to get their girlfriends to say yes. One Canadian man got his cop friends to pretend to arrest him and threaten him with deportation in front of his girlfriend…so romantic! (Not!)

4. Taking your theme too far

Picking a theme can help create a unified “vision” for your wedding and guide you through the many choices you’ll have to make (linens, flowers, favors, etc.), but some brides have gone a bit over-the-top with their themes. For example, just because you’re having a wintry holiday wedding doesn’t mean you need to dress like Mrs. Claus! And can the zombie trend just die (and stay dead), please?

5. Requiring your guests to get Botox

Of course you’ll want the members in your wedding party to look their best…but three sisters — who all got married within seven months of each other — actually went so far as to ask their truck-driver dad to get Botox injections for the nuptials.

“It was a perfect opportunity,” one of the brides says.