Charlotte Hannah
April 16, 2013

Listen to Jake Gyllenhaal Make ‘The Great Gatsby’ Sexy (AUDIO)

The new film adaptation of The Great Gatsby is coming out next month, and with that comes a newly recorded version of the audiobook, read by none other than stupid man suit-wearer and one half of arguably the hottest pair of celebrity siblings (is that an inappropriate observation to make?), Jake Gyllenhaal.

If you slept through the reading of this classic in high school, this is your chance to experience it for the first time – and don’t worry, there’s no way you’ll be able to nod off while Jake’s sexy voice purrs F. Scott Fitzgerald’s prose through your headphones. Oh yeah, Jake, say “intimation” again.

You can buy the audiobook in its entirety here – but in the meantime, enjoy this little tease.