Charlotte Hannah
June 26, 2013

6-Year-Old Girl’s Heavy Metal Performance Stuns America’s Got Talent Judges (VIDEO)

Aaralyn O’Neil is six years old, cute as a button… and a freaking badass metal queen. She and her 9-year-old brother Izzy, who’s a drummer, recently appeared on America’s Got Talent and blew the judges away when they unexpectedly busted out a metal song, with Aaralyn growling like a pro. And it wasn’t just any song, either – it was Aaralyn’s original song, “Zombie Skin.”

“I wanted to sing and I knew I could do it. I loved it.” B’awwwwww!

This kid rocks so hard. I’m excited to buy her album someday. Maybe she’ll unleash the darkness on all of us through a collaboration with 91-year-old Lord of the Rings actor and metal god Sir Christopher Lee!